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The main objective of the Development Program is to initiate kids and teenagers who are interested in this sport. The program focuses on training and the development of technical and tactical skills that will promote their potential and maximize future opportunities in soccer.

Our program seeks the training of athletes through values and positive training to build trust in them, love of sports, self-esteem, discipline and concentration, skills that will allow them to achieve success in any area of their lives.

Throughout the structured training process, coaches will work on developing technical and tactical skills, coordination, physical conditioning and psychological training.
Our programs are designed to incorporate all skill levels of the game.

The trainings are once a week for introduce the child to sports through soccer which is the most practiced sport in the world. With training focused on the most basic valences of the sport, we started a work for the athlete to enjoy soccer and want to play more. Training increases the level of demand over time and at intervals of 2 months we will make small assessments to know the degree of development and depending on we can indicate for the competitive program.