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ASC America Soccer Club has designed a Competitive Program aim to compete, earn titles and achieve excellence in sport. Three trainings a week, experienced as a professional team and several tournaments during the year. Preparation for sports scholarships at universities and also for professionalization in sports.

The Professional Department of ASC is focused on the incorporation of our team in leagues, cups and tournaments in order to provide our players with experience.
Our objective in this program is to provide a complete training that allows you to achieve high levels of development in all the areas related with this sport, based on the seriousness, dedication and willingness of each of the participants.

The training sessions goals is developed athletes in a position in the field, but with the ability to interpret and know the characteristics of other positions, their tactics demands in a match. A strong, fast athlete, with coordination and capable of physically supporting a game in a high level of physical demand and possessing all the well-developed technical foundations.