The main objective of the program for beginners is to offer children who feel passion for soccer and want to start within this sport the necessary tools to take the first steps to become a player. The program focuses on training and the development of technical and tactical skills that will promote their potential and maximize future opportunities in soccer.


America Soccer Club has designed a Professional Development program aimed at players who are looking for a broad education and want to make their profession of soccer. It consists of players 16 and older who seek to develop their sports skills.


The main objective of this program is to develop goalkeepers prepared technically, physically and psychologically, through high quality training, offering specific instruction in a professional environment, providing players with the training they need to develop their skills and can successfully perform as a goalkeeper in any field.


Our pro-competitive program is focused on the optimal development of the participants with the aim of training athletes who can develop at a professional level.
We offer professional training for boys and girls between ages U8 to U23.


Happy New Year 2019! 🎆  We wish all of our team members and friends the best 2019. ✨  With hard work, determination and faith, you

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ASC America Soccer Club is an elite professional training academy for athletes that dedicates its work to the development of players in a comprehensive and complete way in all aspects that the sport demands in order to prepare them for university scholarships or to make soccer their career.


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